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Why Some Supplements Are Fraudulent and Harmful

Slowly but surely, dietary supplements have made their way into our kitchen shelves and consequentially our plates and diets. Though most people assume dietary supplements are beneficial, many fraudulent manufacturers, disguise their subpar products under untruthful claims and labeling, causing more harm than good.

If you’re planning on incorporating dietary supplements into your daily routine, you’ll need to carry out proper research in order to protect yourself from contaminated products and harmful claims and ingredients.

Whether it’s dietary supplements or any other medication, your health and safety should be your number one priority, but why though? Can some supplements be harmful and even dangerous? Yes, they absolutely can be.

In this blog, we’ll break down why you need to be wary of dietary supplements and their untruthful claims.

The FDA isn’t authorized to review supplement products

The FDA or Food and Drug Administration is the one authoritative agency that protects you from ingesting harmful chemicals, however, when it comes to dietary supplements, the FDA’s regulations and standards don’t apply to these products, allowing malicious manufacturers and their dangerous products to fly under the radar.

The FDA can’t review or guarantee the efficacy or safety of dietary supplement products before they’re distributed and sold on the market, making it difficult for consumers to differentiate between effective products and harmful ones.

The responsibility of testing these products falls on the distributors and manufacturers, however, there are no regulatory agencies to enforce these testing regulations on giant corporations.

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Dietary supplements are regulated as food

Even though dietary supplements are something we consume, they cannot be categorized as food. But according to the FDA, some dietary supplements are considered and regulated as food, making it impossible for them to review the labeling.

Categorizing dietary supplements as normal food reduces the FDA’s capabilities to review these products, their ingredients, and dosage, allowing manufacturers and distributors to get away with anything.

We do have Proprietary Blend labeling that ensures manufacturers include the ingredient lists on the product but even this falls short as the specific amount isn’t mentioned.

Where can you find dietary supplement legal services in California?

If you or someone you know has been hurt and injured by misleading and fraudulent dietary supplements in California, you can seek our dietary supplement legal services California and file a claim against dishonest manufacturers and firms.

At Top Performance Legal, we offer an extensive variety of dietary supplement legal services, helping dietary supplement consumers claim compensation for their pains and trouble. Our consumer legal remedies lawyers will help you with FDA supplement regulations and dietary supplement law as best as they can.

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