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FDA 101: Dietary Supplements

Whether it be tablets, powders, capsules, liquids, or energy bars, dietary supplement products have effectively penetrated the market and our daily diets.

Many people consume dietary supplements in order to overcome vitamin deficiencies and live a better and healthier life. But are all the products labeled as dietary supplements effective and safe for consumption?

In this blog, we’ll break down how the FDA and federal laws regulate dietary supplement products and how you can be a more informed consumer.

How dietary supplement products are regulated?

If you want to know how authoritative bodies and agencies regulate dietary supplement products, here’s a quick breakdown.

Under federal law, all dietary supplement products should be labeled as either dietary supplements or supplements, ensuring consumers know what they’re buying. Dietary supplement manufacturers don’t need to test or prove their products are safe for consumption before they’re released onto the market.

All the claims made by dietary supplement products and advertisements, don’t need any substantial proof or evidence, ensuring whether they’re true or not. The FDA’s role in the dietary supplement world is extremely limited and only begins once the products have entered the market.

Once the dietary supplement products are up for sale on the market, the FDA is responsible for monitoring their safety and efficacy. Sure, dietary supplement manufacturers don’t have to get approval before launching and selling their products, however, once they’re out for sale and reports of injuries come in, dietary supplement companies must report to the FDA.

Be an informed consumer

The best way you can protect yourself and those around you from harmful dietary supplement products is by being an informed and safe consumer. Only take dietary supplement advice and recommendations from a medical professional, ask them questions about the products, if you have any.

Fact-check the ingredients you see on the supplement fact panel on the products, learning about their efficacy, safety, and side effects. This will help you eliminate dangerous products from your everyday diet and routine.

With dietary supplements “natural” doesn’t really mean anything nor does it guarantee the product is safe and wholesome, avoid falling for this scam. Lastly, learn how to spot fake and untruthful dietary supplement claims. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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