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What Consumers Need to Know About Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements have quickly made their way into our department stores, medicine cabinets, and bathroom countertops, becoming an essential part of our daily routine and helping us stay healthy and fit.

While some dietary supplement products, whether it be pills, tablets, capsules, or powders can be extremely effective and helpful to our overall health and wellbeing, there are a plethora of other products that not only seem to miss the mark but also cause harm.

Some dietary supplements can help you overcome vitamin deficiencies and live a better and healthier life but those that claim to be a miracle cure for diseases, are a complete scam.

If you want to shop for dietary supplement products and incorporate them into your daily diet, here are some things you need to know as a consumer. 

Being an informed consumer will go a long way

If you’re an informed and safe consumer, you’ll conduct proper research before investing your hard-earned money into dietary supplements. You’ll not only learn about harmful and effective ingredients but also FDA supplement regulations to report any adverse effects that might come with consuming the products.

Sure, the FDA cannot review or test products before they arrive on the market, but they can help you report and overcome dietary supplement-related injuries.

Knowing about the ingredients and their side effects will help you eliminate harmful products and only invest in something that’ll help you and your overall health.

“Natural” isn’t a synonym for “safe”

It’s safe to assume many people often confuse natural as being safe and that products that claim to be “natural” or “made with natural ingredients” cannot be harmful.

However, that’s not true at all. Dietary supplement products that claim to be certified, verified or natural aren’t any better than a product without these claims. Many natural products can cause harm to your body and neither of these badges guarantees consistency or better-quality product. 

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