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4 Things to Consider When Choosing an Intellectual Property Law Firm

If you think you have a great business idea or a product, it’s better not to boast about it to the public before making it a trademark. The increasing theft of intellectual property has made it essential for firms to protect their brands. When people look for shortcuts in business, they tend to copy brands and sell them off for a quick buck, and unaware entrepreneurs can’t take action against these scammers due to no legal backing.

A trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ensures the protection of your brand. However, filing a trademark and the legal documents needed for a successful application is a complex legal process. Therefore, it is always recommended to take guidance from any top corporate lawyer. Here are four factors you need to consider before hiring a law firm for your intellectual property protection.

Is The Firm Registered?

When selecting a law firm, you must ensure that its attorneys are registered with USPTO. Since the USPTO is the central body that generates trademarks in the US, your attorney must be accustomed to their procedures to fasten your trademark registration process.

What Level of Technical Expertise Does the Firm Have?

You must ensure that the law firm you choose is equipped with all the technical expertise to set up a strong defense to prevent intellectual property infringement. Selecting a law firm with corporate lawyers specializing in various fields can be a bonus for your firm if you produce different types of goods.

Find A Reputed Law Firm

Before selecting a law firm, you must do your research. Law firms work on a trust basis; when you go to an attorney, you trust them not to leak all the information you have provided them regarding your company.

Furthermore, reputable law firms not only assist you in trademark enforcement but will also be by your side if your company faces a lawsuit in the future.

Does the Firm Provide a Variety of Services?

Your firm may not need legal services for only protecting your intellectual property. Running or starting a business in the US has many legal hurdles that you will have to fulfill for the smooth operation of your firm. By selecting a firm that offers a wide range of services, you will have all your legal problems solved in one place.

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