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3 Famous Law Cases In The US You Should Know About

The US judicial system is one of the most efficient and the largest legal system in the world. The judicial system consists of 48,930 judges and other judicial workers, that speaks volume about the scale at which it is working. The US bureaucracy and economic system both have a rigorous legal process to go through that has uplifted the legal system. Due to this, the legal service industry also generates a lot of revenue. It has been estimated that it generated around 288 billion dollars in 2018.

The judicial system solves tons of legal disputes daily, but some cases are exceptional and hold a lot of importance for the system’s history. Here are three famous cases in the US you should know about.

The Case of Race

Universities want a diverse student body to attract international students so that they can generate more revenue. In the search for a diverse student population, they tend to have fixed quotas to ensure that students from all races get admitted to their university.

The case of California vs. Bakke in 1978 gained much popularity as the court-ordered University of California Medical Schools to remove all unnecessary fixed racial quotas from the admission system so that admissions are only based on merit and not based on anyone’s race.

This case started a revolution in the US as more cases like Gratz vs. Bollinger came into light which also demanded the removal of fixed quotas.

The Right to Women’s Abortion

Women’s abortion has unfortunately always been subject to debate and not based on the women’s decision. A case between Roe and Wade gained popularity in 1973 when the court decided that the decision to abort in pregnancy is the women’s choice. The state may only intervene when abortion is taking place during the end of pregnancy to save a life.

This case played a massive role in the abortion debate and gave women the rights they deserved.

You Have The Right To Remain Silent

Often in movies, you can see the police officers reading the guilty party their rights during an arrest. This is known as the ‘Miranda Warning‘ and emerged from a case in 1966 that was between Miranda and the state of Arizona. The court decided that no matter how heinous the crime, it’s the police’s responsibility to inform every individual of their rights.

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