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Brief Guide on FDA Inspections

To ensure that food, medicine and other consumable producing businesses are performing as per standards, the FDA will perform inspections. It’s in the best interest of the public’s health as these products make their way to people and run severe risks if they don’t follow proper codes and regulations.

When and Why FDA Inspections Take Place

An FDA inspection can take place after an announcement or randomly without one. If there’s a specific study being taken place or a particular case that the FDA is concerned with, it may also perform an inspection. In case the authority receives any complaints or any non-compliances reports about your establishment, it may also show up to inspect the relevant area.

A previous FDA inspection doesn’t mean the end of it either, as the inspector may return later on to confirm if the corrective measures have taken place.

Preparing for The Inspection

For different industries, there are variations of how the FDA inspection may take place. The authority does provide a highly detailed document regarding the various aspects the auditor will go through. Generally, social conversations with the inspector are not allowed, and you’re required to answer a wide variety of questions that you will be asked on the days the inspections take place.

The FDA inspector will also demand particular documents, that you’re required to keep at hand and present when requested.

Conclusion of Inspection

At the end of the FDA inspection, a thorough exit interview takes place, where the verdict from the inspector and the PI are provided. They will offer the following in the form of a verdict:

  • No Action Indicated (NAI) – no objectionable conditions or findings
  • Voluntary Action Indicated (VAI) – objectionable conditions or findings, but not serious enough to recommend regulatory action
  • Official Action Indicated (OAI) – FDA Form 483 issued with serious objectionable conditions and regulatory action recommended

You’re not allowed to argue with the inspectors but you can communicate your ideas regarding the verdict with respect to compliance and codes.

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