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Signs You Need an Unfair Competition Lawyer

Unfair competition laws in the US are developed to ensure consumer and business protection from deceptive and malicious competitive market practices. These legal implementations involve strategies against trademark infringements, trade offence, and embezzlement of business trade confidences.

From a consumer’s perspective, unfair competition law is designed to protect US residents from unfair pricing, market gouging, false advertising, and misleading claims. Moreover, the law also entitles the victims of unfair competition tactics to file a claim against the defendant.

Let’s delve deeper to understand the common signs of unfair competition that mandate the intervention of a skilled unfair competition lawyer.

Signs You Need an Unfair Competition Lawyer

The following activities are considered unfair competition:

  • Unsuitable or offensive use of characteristic signs (logos, marketable slogans, trade names, signage, title of origin, etc.)
  • Policies that aim to cloud the distinguishing features of a product or service and hinder a consumer’s purchase journey
  • Events that strive to discredit rivals, hiring opposition workers for purposes that are damaging
  • Market monopolies that hamper your business’s ability to sell or market products or services
  • Misuse of secret market information that sabotages the job of vendors, suppliers, distributors, and retailers
  • Using a strong market reputation to sabotage new businesses

If you think that you’re dealing with one or more scenarios mentioned above, it’s time to seek assistance from a skilled unfair competition lawyer right away.

Other Types of Unfair Competition

Here are some more types of inappropriate competitive practices:

Trademark Infringement

If your business information or confidential documents have been subjected to violation from another party, it’s known as trademark infringement. Common instances of trademark infringements consist of imitation products such as knock-off purses, timepieces, and plagiarized movie scripts, among many others.


An unfair competition lawyer in California

The illegal, indecorous use of reserves or other property to fund reasons other than they’re intended for. Ill-conduct of a public official or an administrator also qualifies as misappropriation of responsibilities. This unfair competition practice is punishable by law and the offender may be penalized under the state and federal law.

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