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Reasons to Hire a Consumer Legal Remedy Lawyer

There are many unreliable and dishonest manufacturers looking to upscale their profits at an expense of their customer’s wellbeing.

These deceiving businesses skip quality control steps, safety assurance, and proper product trials just to rush the product into the market to gain an edge over the competition. During this process, they mislead and harm consumers in various ways.

This reality is saddening and frustrating. Thanks to the Consumer Protection law, if you’re harmed by a defective product or service, there’s a way to sue the seller for negligence.

For example, you bought a packed product from a grocery store and realized that it’s not as per the advertised content.

Consumer law attorneys aren’t just qualified to provide legal assistance, but they can alsotell whether your claim makes a strong civil case or not. They can also help you identify if your situation might fall into another legal category such as a fraud, criminal misconduct, or real estate dispute, etc.

Here are the three main reasons you must consider hiring a consumer legal remedy attorney in CA.

False or Deceitful Marketing

False advertising and marketing by companies can sabotage the wellbeing of consumers by convincing them into spending money on harmful products or services. It’s a common, illegal marketing tactic used by companies to sell defective products.

False advertising is particularly common in dietary supplement products marketing. These supplements may be advertised with false disease claims, risking the consumer’s health or safety. We help consumers recover damages from businesses who engage in fraudulent or deceptive advertising. Legal attorneys at our leading civil case law firm in California can help you know your consumer rights without interference of a discriminative policy.

Moreover, our lawyers can also assist you in filing dietary supplement claims in case of an injury.

1.   Product Liability

Product liabilities are probably the most common type of cases that require consumer legal remedy lawyers. When buying a product, you’re under the assumption that it will be exactly as advertised. However, some products might catch you off-guard. In some instances, even though you might consider a product safe to use, it might not comply with the inherent warranty criteria.

The FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection ensures that consumers stay wary and safe from misleading and deceitful business practices. The organization collects and studies reports from consumers and companies involved in such scenarios.

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In such cases, it’s important to seek legal assistance right away. If you think that the seller or the manufacturer might have known about a defect and sold the product anyway, you could sue them for negligence. Sometimes the side-effects of a drug or the defects in a product aren’t anticipated, but the doctrine of strict liability might still apply. And you wouldn’t know about it unless you hire a consumer legal remedy lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the Consumer Protection Law.

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