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8 Ways You Can Protect Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) represents intangible things like ideas, unique concepts, trademarks, patents, and copyrights. The rule of IP states that intangible services should be legally protected, just like tangible property is. Simply put, it emphasizes the fact that ideas must have ownership.

Bringing innovative ideas to the table or creating a unique product for your business is a priceless asset. However, many businessmen don’t see the need to protect their IP, and the ones who know aren’t sure where to start.

Here’s our team of intellectual property security advisors discussing 8 ways you can protect their IP:

1. Guard against online IP infringement

With social networking and increased use of the internet, IP infringement has become widespread. It’s far more common than you think—you post an image online, someone else takes it, and claims it as their own. However, you can put them off through ownership and copyright notices. Use search engines to determine if someone is using your images, logos, or web copies without your permission.

2. Safeguard your IP early because the registration takes some time

It may take more than a year to get a patent granted. However, you can have your patent fast-tracked under certain conditions or by paying an additional fee. This will help reduce the waiting time.

3. Seek advice if you’re not sure about your protection

In order to make sure that any trademark you create is protected, give some trademark agent a call for advice.

4. Use contracts to prevent IP theft

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Ensure all your consultancy and employment contracts clearly mention your ownership of any IP developed by your organization.

5. Record IP development’s evidence

By keeping a log of evidence that records the development of your IP, you’ll be able to safeguard it. For instance, signed and dated copies of drafts and drawings.

6. Ensure your IP idea is original

Before beginning the development of new processes, logos, and products, use the trademark and patent searches to make sure you’re ahead of the line. Yes, this area is quite complex. Maybe, hire a trademark or patent attorney. By ensuring your search is comprehensive, they’ll make sure that whatever you’ve invented is truly unique.

7. List your IP assets

Make sure you formulate a procedure that accounts for and assesses your IP, from designs, copyrights, and trademarks to domain names and patents. Use an online tool to compile a list of all the IPs you own.

8. Safeguard your IP outside the US

Seek advice from a trademark or a patent attorney on whether you need to safeguard your IP overseas. Note that you’ll need separate trademarks, design registration, and international patents to safeguard your IP abroad.

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